The Straits Times
Published on Feb 27, 2013

Diversity good for Singapore


SINGAPORE has transformed from a small village to a cosmopolitan city.

Over the years, Singaporeans have become unhappy over the growing number of foreigners here. But let us look at the issue from a different angle.

The fact is that we need these foreign workers. Look at industries like hospitality, health care and cleaning. How many Singaporeans are willing to work in these sectors?

If we cannot find people to fill these positions, Singapore can never have a strong and thriving economy.

It is time to learn to appreciate these foreigners, who are willing to get out of their comfort zones and take up jobs that we shun.

We might also think that foreign talent have come to snatch our jobs. If an organisation can choose between hiring a Singaporean and a foreigner, I am sure it would opt for the former. The question is: Is the Singaporean ready to take up the job?

It all boils down to diversity, which is good for the economy.

Let us take this opportunity to learn to live in a diversified environment so that we can embrace the future. Let the Government worry about the infrastructure to cater for the projected population in 2030.

Faith Connie Tham (Ms)