The Straits Times
Published on Feb 27, 2013

More exacting immigration policies needed


GIVEN Singapore's small land area, our immigration policies may have to be more exacting than those of other countries.

This should allow us to be more precise in planning infrastructure to support the net population growth.

A more exacting immigration policy regime would require regular monitoring of permanent residents (PRs), to check if they are still using the skills for which they were granted PR status. For example, an electrician PR who later becomes a helper in a hawker stall cannot be considered as adding value to the country.

Non-contributing PRs, who do not have Singaporean children and are not married to Singaporeans, may have their PR status revoked. PR status will instead be granted to those who qualify.

Those who are not contributing as desired to the country's economic well-being, but have immediate Singaporean family members, will automatically not qualify for citizenship.

These measures will better manage migrant inflows.

Fong Hang Yin (Ms)