The Straits Times
Published on Feb 26, 2013

MasterCard aims at mobile payment market with launch of 'digital wallet'


LONDON (REUTERS) - Mastercard unveiled its bid to dominate the mobile payments market on Monday with a'virtual wallet' allowing customers to keep personal payment details in their phone and avoid checkouts by scanning bar codes in-store to pay.

Financial services companies like the United States (US) credit-card company as well as technology names Google and eBay Inc's PayPal are looking for ways to capitalise on the prevalence of consumers' sophisticated phones by providing programs that house credit and debit cards, coupons and store loyalty program details virtually.

Mastercard said its MasterPass service, effectively an app, would let customers pay for their goods without approaching a cashier by instead scanning a bar code and creating a digital receipt on their phone or tablet that can be shown as they exit the store.

It can also be used for easier online payments, allowing customers a "one click" way to pay without the hassle of having to input their credit or debit card details each time.