The Straits Times
Published on Feb 26, 2013

Critics blast Oscars for off-colour jokes, dull show


LOS ANGELES (AFP) - Critics blasted Oscars host Seth MacFarlane on Monday for "crudely sexist antics" and peddling "offensive" Jewish stereotypes, as the Academy Awards post mortem got into full swing.

Others said the Family Guy creator, brought in to appeal to younger viewers with edgy humor, was simply dull - while satirical website The Onion had to apologise for an expletive tweet about the youngest ever Oscar nominee.

"Well, that didn't work," wrote the Los Angeles Times' television critic at the start of a full-page review of the more than three-hour 85th Academy Awards telecast on Sunday night.

"Despite the valiant efforts of Adele, Barbra Streisand and a surprisingly witty Daniel Day-Lewis... (the show) was long, self-indulgent and dull even by the show's time-honoured dull-defining standards," she wrote.