The Straits Times
Published on Feb 26, 2013

Do more to keep up with commuter demands


ON FEB 13, I boarded a north-bound train at City Hall MRT station only to discover, after the train doors remained open longer than usual, that there was a problem.

Subsequently, there was an announcement that the train was "not for passenger service", and all passengers were told to alight. When asked, the station staff said they were uncertain when the train service would resume.

The staff handed out pamphlets with information on bus services to the various stations. However, my destination, Ang Mo Kio station, was not indicated on the pamphlets.

Why were there no prominent notices placed around the station when the staff were aware of the stoppage? Many commuters like myself found out about the stoppage only after passing the fare barrier or boarding the train.

When I reached Ang Mo Kio Hub, there was an extremely long queue at the bus interchange for feeder services 265 and 269. The crowd was such that the line stretched across the shopping mall and obstructed the free flow of commuters to other berths.

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon sight. Why does the transport operator not deploy more buses when there are long queues or during the festive season?

It seems that the transport companies here are not well equipped to handle existing commuter demands, and have not learnt from past problems.

I hope the transport authorities will do something to improve our "world-class" transport system before our population exceeds six million.

Dennis Tan