The Straits Times
Published on Feb 25, 2013

Town council addresses resident's concerns


WE THANK Dr Seto Hann Hoi for taking the time to share his feedback and for raising his concerns ("Town councils need to be more accountable to residents"; last Thursday), which we have addressed in our correspondences with him in November and last month.

The pest-infected flower beds have been treated and to date, the problem did not recur.

As for the smelly bin chutes, unswept walkways and dumping of commercial trash in common areas, we have been monitoring these areas and will continue to carry out the necessary cleaning and enforcement actions.

The Town Council will continue to monitor closely the performance of our contractors and ensure that they fulfil their contractual obligations.

We request our residents with maintenance feedback to call or e-mail us, so that we can attend to their feedback promptly.

Low Sim Yee (Ms)

Public Relations Manager

West Coast Town Council