The Straits Times
Published on Feb 24, 2013

Michelle Obama's dance moves go viral on YouTube


WASHINGTON (AFP) - A video clip of First Lady Michelle Obama grooving with a dressed-in-drag Jimmy Fallon on his late-night comedy talk show has gone viral on YouTube on Saturday.

In the video, the pair, each clad in conservative slacks and cardigans, and Fallon with a long brown-haired wig, perform a routine dubbed Evolution Of Mom Dancing, to promote Mrs Obama's "Let's Move!" youth fitness and nutrition campaign.

The dance moves - with names like The 'Go Shopping, Get Groceries,' and The 'Out of Sync Electric Slide' according to titles splashed on the bottom of the screen - progress from a simple side-to-side step and ends with Fallon stalking off set as Mrs Obama rocks a smooth Dougie.

The clip, which has already been viewed nearly a half million times since being posted on Saturday and "liked" more than 10,000 times, has prompted effusive comments about the first lady and her first family.