The Straits Times
Published on Feb 23, 2013

Mindef reviewing how to better recognise contributions of NSmen


THE Ministry of Defence (Mindef) thanks all who have written letters over the past few days to share their thoughts on national service (NS) and how the contributions of national servicemen could be better recognised.

We are heartened by the strong support that Singaporeans continue to show for NS. The peace and prosperity that we enjoy today are possible only because of the contributions of current and past NSmen, who undertake the responsibility of defending Singapore.

Over the years, we have sought to show appreciation to NSmen in different ways, such as the recent National Service 45 Safra Benefits, the National Service Recognition Award, the NSman tax relief, the National Service Bonus, and additional allotments of the GST Offset Credit and Growth Dividends.

We have also built facilities such as Safra clubhouses and the National Service Resort and Country Club for NSmen and their families.

These are gestures of appreciation, but the contributions of NSmen can never be sufficiently measured in monetary terms, as several writers have shared in their letters.

Mindef is currently reviewing how the contributions of our NSmen can be better recognised. We are encouraged by the many writers who have contributed their ideas and welcome additional suggestions.

The public may write to Mindef at or

Tan Kok Yam

Director Manpower