The Straits Times
Published on Feb 23, 2013

Xenophobic? I think not...


I DISAGREE that people who are critical of the Population White Paper's policies on foreigners are xenophobic ("White Paper debate: Who's xenophobic?"; Thursday).

Let us assume a scenario where adequate infrastructure allows us to accommodate 27 million foreigners and three million citizens on our island.

Will the Singaporean core survive in this case? I think not. If I then object to having so many foreigners, am I being xenophobic? I think not.

Foreigners have lived and worked among us for so long that they are part and parcel of our Singaporean way of life. So the issue is never about whether we are for or against foreigners.

The real question is: How many foreigners should we have?

It is irresponsible to paint a picture of xenophobic hysteria when none exists. To continue to do so would not only cause unease among the foreigners who are here to contribute to our economy, but also ignore the real concerns that many Singaporeans have about the White Paper.

Wei Ming Kai