The Straits Times
Published on Feb 23, 2013

Convince citizens of benefits of open-door policy


THE recent protest at Hong Lim Park is not something we should be proud of ("White Paper protest draws big crowd"; Sunday).

Even in the United States, lawmakers are worried that tough immigration laws could prevent bright young entrepreneurs from setting foot in the country ("US visa laws hinder bright foreigners"; Thursday).

Recently, foreign researchers here have made breakthroughs in cancer research and other fields. These are the people who would put Singapore on the world map. Their cutting-edge research could attract top-notch companies to base their operations here. Surely, this would benefit Singaporeans.

The Government is taking the right measures to ensure that Singapore does not face the same predicament as what the US is experiencing. The Government must continue to convince Singaporeans of the benefits of bringing in talented foreigners, and not succumb to populist policies that would be catastrophic in the long run.

Rajasegaran Ramasamy