The Straits Times
Published on Feb 21, 2013

Lawyer in underage sex case was a regular client at Geylang hotel


Lawyer Spencer Gwee patronised the hotel, where he allegedly had sex with an underage prostitute, so often that the staff even had a nickname for him, the court heard on Thursday.

Four Chain View Hotel's receptionist Poh Eng Soon told the court that Gwee, a former deputy public prosecutor, would check into the Geylang hotel two to three times a week. And because Gwee was a regular client he did not have to sign his name during registration, said Mr Poh.

Instead, he was assigned a code in the hotel's customer database to expedite his check-in. "I would write the code number on a piece of paper, let him check-in, and do the recording later, and this will make the process to let him go up faster," said Mr Poh.

Gwee is charged with paying a Vietnamese girl, then 16, $300 for sex on July 19, 2011.