The Straits Times
Published on Feb 21, 2013

Set up breast milk bank for new mums


AS THE mother of a two-month-old boy, I am thankful for the enhanced baby bonus scheme that my child is entitled to.

Perhaps another initiative the Government could consider is the establishment of a breast milk bank here.

Breastfeeding is considered an essential part of motherhood. Mothers who cannot produce enough breast milk should be given alternatives, instead of having to resort to infant formula.

It has been said that the best food for babies is their mothers' breast milk, followed by donated breast milk.

I am lucky to have more than enough breast milk, but I know of some friends who have difficulty trying to meet the feeding needs of their children.

I have donated some of my milk to a friend whose baby's age is close to that of my son.

I wish there was a facility in Singapore where I can donate my milk and be confident that whoever receives it can be assured of its suitability.

Though the donation of breast milk is possible through informal channels such as Facebook, it would be better if a regulated channel were available to ensure that the donated milk is screened and monitored for its suitability before it is distributed.

Valerie Lim Junmei (Ms)