The Straits Times
Published on Feb 21, 2013

Why businesses prefer hiring foreigners


BUSINESSES see many advantages in employing foreigners ("Why employers shun local graduates" by Mr Alex Yeo; last Thursday).

In the present uncertain economic climate, employers are keen to keep their Singaporean permanent headcount lean while engaging foreigners on short-term contracts, which allow them to cut or increase manpower more quickly in response to changing conditions.

Also, Singaporean employees require more job benefits than what foreigners demand.

Most foreign employees do not have families here, while Singaporean workers require paid maternity and paternity leave.

Male Singaporean workers also need to be released for their annual in-camp training, and employers have to find replacements.

Some multinational corporations and banks subsidise the housing and car loans as well as courses for their Singaporean employees. And Singaporeans also get salary increments year after year.

Ang Chin Guan