The Straits Times
Published on Feb 20, 2013

Scandal brings surprise revival for horsemeat in France


PARIS (REUTERS) - The rumpus in Europe over horsemeat sold as beef is bringing a bonanza for France's 700 surviving horse butchers, who are suddenly piquing consumer curiosity after years of decline.

Non-stop media coverage has made eating horses a hot topic round office water coolers, boosting sales by up to 15 per cent, the head of France's horse butchers' trade group said.

"It's true, there is a pick up in trade, we worked a bit more last week because our clients speak more freely about horsemeat now," said Mr Eric Vigoureux of Interbev Equins.

"With the scandal, in offices and on the workplace everybody is talking about it, so those who normally buy it feel less guilty and recommend their butcher," Mr Vigoureux, who is a working horse butcher near Bordeaux, southwestern France, said.