The Straits Times
Published on Feb 20, 2013

Sect leader's Mexican wife recounts life in sex-driven cult


MEXICO CITY (AFP) - A sect named Defenders of Christ that was broken up in Mexico last month forced women to participate in orgies, discouraged baths and made people eat raw animal organs, the wife of a cult leader said on Tuesday.

Mexican immigration authorities raided the sex-driven sect's house in the northern state of Nuevo Laredo on Jan 25, rounding up 14 foreigners, including its Spanish leader Ignacio Gonzalez de Arriba, and 10 Mexicans.

Gonzalez de Arriba saw himself as the reincarnation of Christ and used the Internet to recruit adherents, offering classes on "bio-programming", alternative health care, psychic powers and sexuality, according to the Victim Support Network, which helps people who flee sects.

"They broke you down, making you even doubt your own name," Ms Blanca Castro, who was married to a Venezuelan leader of the Defenders of Christ, told a news conference. "They made me eat raw animal organs. And you know what? When you're starving you'll eat anything."