The Straits Times
Published on Feb 20, 2013

Airport to strive for inclusive promotions


WE THANK Mr Ben Ho for his views on Changi Airport's latest retail promotion ("Airport's 'insensitive' sale promotion"; last Saturday).

Changi Airport regularly organises promotions and in-airport activities in our continual efforts to engage our customers from Singapore and around the world.

For instance, the "Be A Changi Millionaire Draw" and Christmas festivities are held annually, and are open to all shoppers.

In addition, we create targeted promotions and offerings specially tailored to different passenger segments, during their peak travel periods to boost retail sales.

Targeted promotions are more cost effective and are preferred by our retail tenants who may wish to reach out to a particular passenger segment.

For instance, just last year, we organised a promotion on electronic products exclusively for Singaporeans as part of a National Day offer. Local residents also enjoyed GST absorption at our public retail stores, even though they may not be flying.

Travellers from China make up one of Changi Airport's top five international market segments. The Chinese New Year period coincides with their peak travel period (widely known as Golden Week) and hence, this latest targeted promotion is designed to promote gifting among departing China shoppers, with the intention of giving them more incentive to shop at Changi Airport. This is also why Chinese is the language used in the marketing collateral.

However, given that the Chinese New Year is widely celebrated by other nationalities, we regret that this may have given an impression of preferential treatment towards one nationality. We will be more mindful when we plan our retail promotions in future.

Changi Airport values and respects all our passengers and shoppers, and will strive to ensure that future retail and promotional offerings are inclusive while yet relevant to our customers' needs.

Ivy Wong (Ms)

Senior Vice-President

Airside Concessions

Changi Airport Group