The Straits Times
Published on Feb 20, 2013

Make nursing possible and attractive for S'poreans


I READ with interest the statistics of nurses recruited from overseas and the need for many more in future ("Singapore faces nurse shortfall for years to come"; last Saturday).

The Government should take steps to start more colleges where local students can be trained for diplomas and degrees in nursing.

Developing countries like the Philippines and India have many private nursing colleges which offer training and affiliated diplomas and degrees to many, and produce many nurses.

Many of such graduates do not have very high levels of education nor good command of English, but get trained as they keep practising in a hospital environment. When they graduate, they are recruited by countries like Singapore and are on a par with our locally trained nurses.

It is time that the Government ease the restrictions and offer attractive sponsorships to get more local students to take up nursing as a career. Many of our students are capable of taking up this career; they are good in English and are able to use sophisticated equipment.

Singapore should study how the developing countries produce nurses.

Sheeba John (Mrs)