The Straits Times
Published on Feb 18, 2013

Indonesian newborn dies after rejection from 10 hospitals


JAKARTA (AFP) - A one-week-old baby in Indonesia has died from respiratory complications after being turned away from 10 hospitals, her street vendor father said Monday, adding he could not pay what some demanded.

Dera Nur Anggraini was born prematurely with her twin sister Dara on Feb 10, with a throat deformity that obstructed her breathing, said father Elias Setya Nugroho.

He said his family searched for treatment but was turned away from 10 hospitals, with some claiming not to have the right equipment and others saying they were fully occupied.

He said the private hospital asked for a down payment of 15 million rupiah (S$1,922), even though the family held a health card that entitles low-income earners to free health services.