The Straits Times
Published on Feb 18, 2013

Shanmugam meets LoveSingapore pastors to discuss gay issue


Law Minister K. Shanmugam has met with the leaders of LoveSingapore, a network of 100 churches, to discuss views on the gay community.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Mr Shanmugam said that Faith Community Baptist Church pastor Lawrence Khong had asked to meet him, following Mr Shanmugam's meeting with lesbian group Sayoni.

He said he met with Mr Khong, who heads LoveSingapore, with other pastors last Friday, and linked to a statement written by Mr Khong on the LoveSingapore Facebook wall.

Mr Khong had noted it was interesting that they had met on Friday, which happened to be Total Defence Day, to discuss "defending the moral future of our nation".