The Straits Times
Published on Feb 18, 2013

Two times lucky while crossing the road


THE Traffic Police must enforce stricter regulations against dangerous driving, especially those who beat the red light.

In December last year, about 15 pedestrians, including myself, were nearly knocked down when a ComfortDelGro taxi beat the red light at Orchard Boulevard. The taxi sped through a gap between other cars that had stopped at the pedestrian crossing and missed hitting us by less than 15cm.

Earlier this month, just as I took a step forward to cross the 313@Somerset junction, an SMRT taxi beat the red light and sped past me. I may not be so lucky the third time.

Whether it is installing more cameras at high-traffic areas and major traffic junctions or having more traffic police officers patrolling the roads, I hope more will be done to catch and punish drivers who beat the red light.

They should be banned from driving for life.

Tan Lin Neo (Miss)