The Straits Times
Published on Feb 16, 2013

Mums and dads want to help their adult children find life partners


Young single adults prefer that their parents leave them to find their own life partners. However some parents, fearing their children are more tethered to their Facebook accounts than they are interested in a social life, are giving their children dating nudges.

On Feb 2, dating agency Clique Wise organised Parents Connections, an event for parents to suss out potential matches for their children. The event at the Singapore Turf Club drew about 60 parents, including a handful of single daughters.

Clique Wise founder Lydia Gan, 39, says: "Parents are asking for the event because they find their children are too busy with careers with no time to socialise."

By attending the event, parents hope to get some contacts which they can at least pass to their unattached children, she adds.