The Straits Times
Published on Feb 12, 2013

Practise cycling safely before going on roads


I AGREE that Singaporeans need to have better cycling habits ("It's not OK to ride pillion, carry umbrellas" by Mr Patrick Low; Feb 1).

My husband and I see more cyclists on the road these days. Sometimes, they do not have their brake lights on at night or on cloudy days, and most tend not to wear bright and distinctive clothing.

This can be a driving hazard; a few times, my husband had been unable to tell that a cyclist was next to us until our car's proximity sensor beeped.

We have seen an elderly man cycling on a busy road and a father cycling with a young child in a booster seat. These are accidents waiting to happen.

One solution is to have a dedicated cycling path.

Perhaps cyclists should get familiar with bicycle safety by practising at places like East Coast Park first before cycling on the roads.

One observation I have made about the cycling track in East Coast Park is that it is shared with people on roller skates and inline skates.

This is rather dangerous as most of these skaters are novice learners and can get into accidents with cyclists when they fall.

Perhaps the park management could consider having a separate lane for the skaters.

Li Dan Yue (Ms)