The Straits Times
Published on Feb 09, 2013

Gunmen kill 10 in attacks on Nigeria polio clinics


KANO, Nigeria (AFP) - Gunmen killed at least 10 people at two Nigerian polio clinics on Friday, with one of the wounded health workers describing a horrifying attack that saw them trapped by fire.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan condemned the "dastardly terrorist attacks" and vowed to bring the perpetrators to book, his office said.

The attacks in the northern city of Kano came after a local cleric denounced polio vaccination campaigns this week and some local radio programmes repeated conspiracy theories about the campaigns being a Western plot to harm Muslims.

Such conspiracy theories have long spread in parts of Nigeria's mainly Muslim north, stoked by local politicians. Nigeria is one of only three countries still considered to have endemic polio, along with Pakistan and Afghanistan.