The Straits Times
Published on Feb 09, 2013

Why exclude singles from stamp duty relief?


UNDER the Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty remission scheme, married couples who buy a second property are entitled to a stamp duty refund if they sell their first property within six months from the date of purchase or Temporary Occupation Permit date ("Stamp duty relief: 6-month transition in line with HDB rules" by the Ministry of Finance; Jan 23).

Singles are not entitled to such a remission.

They also do not enjoy subsidies and have to buy either private properties or HDB flats from the open market at hefty prices.

This implies a correlation between property speculation and one's marital status.

Many singles pay top taxes, which partly go towards funding such reliefs and handouts that they do not get to enjoy.

Are they to be penalised for being single, whether it be through personal choice or not?

While I appreciate the rationale for pro-family measures in Singapore, these should not be applied across all schemes without a logical rationale or clear analysis of the underlying causal factors and correlations.

I appeal to the relevant authorities to spare a thought for single citizens.

Karen Yip Lai Kham (Ms)