The Straits Times
Published on Feb 09, 2013

We cannot do without foreign labour


I READ with much concern the proposal by the Workers' Party to stop the inflow of more foreign workers ("Lively debate on benefits and dangers of WP plan"; Wednesday).

We must realise that we cannot rely solely on Singaporeans to fill vacancies arising from the Government's curbs on the import of foreign workers.

Will Singaporeans be willing to work as road sweepers, rubbish collectors or waiters?

We cannot escape reality. I have heard of restaurants that do not plan to open during the Chinese New Year because they cannot find enough staff willing to work on holidays.

Businesses may have to fold if employers are unable to hire foreign workers to take up positions like those of storeman and driver.

If the WP's recommendations are taken up, we will surely have to face the consequences in the long run.

Ishwar Mahtani