The Straits Times
Published on Feb 08, 2013

Toymakers woo parents looking to wean kids away from screens


NEW YORK (REUTERS) - When Ms Sara Tsiropinas, 36, goes shopping for her three-year-old daughter Maya, the New York-based mom shuns the aisles dedicated to electronic toys.

The architectural designer is one of those parents who is very strict about the amount of time her child spends in front of anything with a screen, be it a videogame, iPad or TV.

Ms Tsiropinas allows her daughter to watch TV for about 2 hours a week and prefers seeing Maya spend time with her wooden blocks and role-playing toys instead. She is not alone.

In 2012, a year toymakers bet big on "AppCessories", or playthings that come to life when hooked up to an iPad, iPhone and iPod, US shoppers spent more dollars on building sets, arts & crafts items, dolls and preschool toys instead, NPD data showed.