The Straits Times
Published on Feb 08, 2013

Veteran J-rock stars Luna Sea are not afraid of competition from younger bands


Age is merely a number to Luna Sea, the big daddies of Japanese rock whose members are in their 40s - they are not about to let anything stop them from rocking hard in a scene dominated by younger bands.

Charismatic bassist and co-founder Jun Onose, 42, who is better known as J, says: "Especially in Japan, there's this notion that rock is just for younger generations. So I want our band to be living proof that age doesn't matter and you can always enjoy the music across generations."

He, along with three other members of Luna Sea, was speaking to Life! on Thursday at The Star Performing Arts Centre, ahead of their concert on Friday at The Star Theatre.

Founded as Lunacy in 1986, they have sold more than 10 million records in Japan and are also considered pioneers of the visual kei movement, which features elaborate and dramatic outfits, make-up and hairstyles.