The Straits Times
Published on Feb 07, 2013

Hong Kong film-maker Stephen Chow is keen to cast Shu Qi again


At Wednesday night's Hong Kong gala premiere of the fantasy adventure Journey To The West, director Stephen Chow planted a kiss on his star Shu Qi's cheek. It was to reciprocate her peck on him while promoting the film in Guangzhou earlier.

Chow, 50, directed the film but did not star in it. It does not mean he has retired from acting. He said to the media in Cantonese: "The fire in my heart has never gone out. But I hope to have a role that can let me shine."

Working with him for the first time is Taiwan's Shu, 36, who plays a demon hunter in the movie. Echoing his words, she said in Cantonese: "When I knew that I would work with him, I acted very cool but the fire in my heart never went out."

Director and star shared an easy rapport at the press event, so it was no surprise to hear Chow say that he would definitely want to cast her again.