The Straits Times
Published on Feb 07, 2013

My Point


Broadcast full Parliament sittings

A FEW months back, there was a TV channel with 24-hour coverage of a reality singing contest.

It puzzles me why there was so much coverage for this contest, but no full coverage of Parliament sittings.

If Singaporeans can see and hear what goes on in Parliament, they may have a better understanding of current issues and the thinking behind proposed policies. It will also give us a chance to better know and assess our MPs and ministers.

Cheng May San (Ms)

Offer grants to replace old cars too

IF THE objective of the proposal to give cash grants to replace old commercial vehicles is to improve air quality ("'Cash for commercial clunkers' proposal"; Jan 30), then a similar grant should be given to owners who scrap old private vehicles.

The high certificate of entitlement premiums are stopping many owners of private vehicles from replacing them with newer, environmentally friendly ones.

Tan Ho Gian

Clear cemetery of mosquito larvae

WHILE searching for my relatives' graves at Pusara Aman Muslim Cemetery in Choa Chu Kang before an exhumation exercise by the National Environment Agency (NEA), I was bitten by many mosquitoes.

There are many vessels at the cemetery filled with water, and I spotted many with mosquito larvae in them. I emptied those containers.

The NEA should do a massive clean-up there.

Shah Pakri

Car pool to ease traffic jams

I USE my scooter to take my daughter to school every morning. On the way, I notice many cars with just the driver inside. There are jams at every traffic light, and drivers get restless and impatient.

My daughter often asks: "Why can't a few people living near one another share a car and go together?"

For a more peaceful drive to work and back, do consider carpooling. There are websites to link up people going to the same places, such as and

Patel Zarin Jehangir

Replace low-rise HDB blocks

THE Government should consider replacing the low-rise HDB blocks built many years ago.

Many are 10- to 12-storeys high, and some have just four storeys. It seems a waste of precious space, especially in the prime central region.

Replacing them with modern HDB flats that are 20 storeys or more will maximise land use.

Caesar Lye