The Straits Times
Published on Feb 06, 2013

Can't have the best of both worlds


I HOPE the authorities will not accommodate calls to allow dual citizenship, as some potential citizens want to have the best of both worlds ("Home in Singapore, heart in homeland"; Monday).

I find Mr Samuel Guerville's fears that taking up Singapore citizenship would erase his French identity to be unfounded, because Singapore is unique in the sense that we are Singaporeans first, and then our respective races.

Singapore is a cultural melting pot and is probably one of the few places in the world where cultural diversity is celebrated and respected.

Mr Guerville can be a Singaporean of French descent, while keeping his French identity and history.

The authorities should also consider the plight of foreign brides like Madam Hyunh Thanh Loan ("Many want citizenship because of their children"; Monday), who have Singaporean children and show interest in sinking roots here, even though they may not have high educational qualifications.

Rodney Neo Eng Chong