The Straits Times
Published on Feb 06, 2013

Govt should review stance


THERE are even more people whose homes are overseas but whose hearts are in Singapore ("Home in Singapore, heart in homeland"; Monday).

I know many Singaporeans who emigrated for various reasons.

Some of their grown-up, highly qualified children would like to live and work in Singapore if they could have dual citizenship.

This would add talented people, who are of Singapore origin and who consider themselves to be Singaporeans, to our workforce.

There are also retirees who would like to spend their last years with their children overseas, but wish to keep their Singapore citizenship.

If they live overseas, it would reduce the strain on our country in caring for the elderly.

Those who want dual citizenship would be too few in number to warrant concerns over a mass exodus of people in times of war or strife.

The Government should review its stance on dual citizenship, which is allowed in many countries.

Roshni Asha (Mrs)