The Straits Times
Published on Feb 06, 2013

No way to market 12-month mio TV plan


ON JAN 21, I received a call from SingTel offering me a 12-month mio TV promotion that, after all the "enticing discounts", would save me about $20 per month for the first three months.

It sounded very attractive. However, I was very uncomfortable with the way it was marketed.

The call was from a telemarketer who was very assertive but highlighted only the discounts. I had to ask before I was told that after the fourth month, I would save only $2 from my monthly bill.

He kept encouraging me to sign up but refused to e-mail details of the promotion to me when I asked.

This is no way to get people to commit to a new 12-month contract. As everything was done verbally, there would have been no recourse should a disagreement arise later.

How could I have been sure the person I spoke to was a SingTel representative?

I expect SingTel to send promotion leaflets to customers, so that we can make a decision only after careful consideration.

Janice Goh Ai Kheng (Ms)