The Straits Times
Published on Feb 05, 2013

HK actor Ronald Cheng won't raise his fee despite winning Golden Horse award


Hong Kong actor Ronald Cheng may have a Golden Horse award now, but he is not about to take advantage of it and start charging higher acting fees.

Cheng, who won a Best Supporting Actor award last year for his turn as a gangster chief in the crude comedy Vulgaria (2012), tells Life! that his fee for his new movie Hotel Deluxe, for example, has "not gone up at all".

Speaking over the telephone from his home in Hong Kong, Cheng, 40, says with a laugh: "Of course I won't ask for more money just because of an award. Besides, I wanted to do this movie because I want to help out my friend, director Vincent Kok. He asked me to join the movie, and I did without even thinking twice about it.

"This is a Chinese New Year movie, so I know that it'll be a fun and relaxing time filming it. Plus, it's about a hotel, and we get to film and stay in a real five-star hotel. I would say that I actually got the winning end of the deal here."