The Straits Times
Published on Feb 05, 2013

Actor Max Zhang says he does not mind that wife Ada Choi is more famous than him


For years, China actor Max Zhang has been called Mr Ada Choi, in reference to his much more famous wife, Hong Kong actress Ada Choi.

He tells Life! frankly however that he has never been bothered by such names and comparisons of his career with that of his wife's.

Choi, 39, whose acting credits include TVB dramas Healing Hands (1998) and The Gem Of Life (2008), was one of the most popular actresses in Hong Kong before she relocated to China for work and family in the mid-2000s.

Speaking over the telephone from his home in Beijing, he says in Mandarin: "It has never bothered me when people say that she is more famous than me, or doing better than me, because firstly, it is the truth after all.