The Straits Times
Published on Feb 01, 2013

Young stars of Ah Boys to Men joke around as they tell of overnight fame


The sense of camaraderie between the young cast of army movie Ah Boys To Men is evident.

During a recent press meet to promote Ah Boys To Men 2 - the second half to the two-parter movie - the boys cheerfully teased one another over girls, hair and muscles.

Perhaps their ease with each other is due to the fact that they filmed for 70 days together, which is close to the 90 days that actual recruits have to go through for the basic military training segment of their national service programme. Recruits often bond and make lifelong friends at this time.

Tosh Zhang, 23, one of the film's breakout stars, says: "The military training that we did during filming was as tough as what we really went through during national service.