The Straits Times
Published on Jan 30, 2013

Syringes, surgery and slaps: Thais go to extremes for beauty


BANGKOK (AFP) - From breast-slapping and gold thread face-lifts, to vaginal whitening soaps and olive oil penis enlargements, image obsessed Thais are going to ever increasing extremes in the quest for beauty.

The colourful self-proclaimed pioneer of breast-slapping says her unusual technique allows clients to boost their bust by at least one bra size without surgery.

"This is the beauty by nature - one million per cent guaranteed," the eccentric 46-year-old, who has changed her name to Khunyingtobnom or Madam breast-slapper, told AFP.

Her work is also extremely lucrative, charging US$600 (S$739) for two 15 minute sessions covering one breast each and a premium face-slapping service - which she claims can induce slimness - costing about US$1,000.