The Straits Times
Published on Jan 28, 2013

First conviction of failing to report a death


A homosexual lover of businessman Teo Boon Leng in the trolley-bag case failed to report the death of the latter's gay lover to the police when he came to know of it, a district court heard on Monday.

Pee Weai Hong, 33, a senior marketing executive, is the first to be convicted of the offence under the 2010 Coroner's Act. He admitted to not making a report of the death of Mr Dylan Wong Teck Siong, 28, to the police after becoming aware of it on April 3, 2011.

He was in Marina Mandarin Hotel that day when Teo told him that Mr Wong had "tripped'' from a drug overdose. Shocked, Pee asked Teo to clarify what he meant by "tripped''. Teo had told him that he found Mr Wong lying face down on April 2,

Teo further said that Mr Wong could have died to suffocation from a drug overdose and did not want to report the matter to the police. He told Pee not to probe further as he did not wish for Pee to be involved in dealing with the deceased's body.