The Straits Times
Published on Jan 28, 2013

Stop misuse of funds for citizens


WHILE I welcome the new baby bonus scheme, I feel that it can also be misused ("Bigger baby bonus, plus Medisave grant"; Jan 22).

I travel often for work and have met many former Singapore permanent residents (PR). Many of them gave up their PR status after selling their HDB flats or after getting certain benefits from Singapore.

I have also noticed many cases where foreign couples come to Singapore and one spouse takes up citizenship while the other becomes a PR and keeps a foreign citizenship.

When I ask why the other spouse does not become a citizen, many of these people indicate their intention to go back to their native country after educating their children here.

I hope the Ministry of Social and Family Development and the HDB can stop this misuse of Singapore's public funds.

Perhaps such people who receive the baby bonus can be made to return the money with interest before they can renounce their Singapore citizenship.

Leow Swee Chong