The Straits Times
Published on Jan 24, 2013

Open up more football fields for the young


I COULD not agree more with Mr Michael Ang York Poon ("Why S'pore football fails to score on Asian stage"; last Saturday).

We can clearly see that the current players lack the ingredients of a good footballer. Take the South Korean and Japanese players, for instance. They do not fall easily, run faster, can withstand the knocks that go with playing football, and do not get overly flustered when tripped or pushed.

The Football Association of Singapore needs to take steps to bring Singapore football back to the respectable standards of yesteryear.

A good start would be to make more football fields available in every district or constituency, so the young can play without restrictions. One way to do this is to convert golf clubs into playing fields.

Australia is a good example. Every suburb has "ovals" where families can watch and play sports. At some schools, parents must be present each weekend to watch their children play football or rugby.

This should be the starting point before we look overseas for talent.

Peter Khaw