The Straits Times
Published on Jan 23, 2013

Corporate bookings at theatre shows popular with companies, not with audiences


Are corporate bookings choking up the supply of theatre tickets to the public?

A disgruntled writer to The Straits Times' forum pages thinks so, after he was unable to book tickets to the musical City Gym at Jubilee Hall on the day of his choice.

The Scotland-born Mr Ralph McDonald, an arts lecturer and performer based in Singapore, tried to buy five tickets to the Feb 4 show of City Gym by the Broadway Production Company, which was set up here in 2009 and is headed by Australian producer Dan Thompson.

Mr McDonald said in his letter ("So hard to buy tickets for shows, says arts lover") published today: "I know from connections in the production that certain dates for the show are not open to the public as the organisers are hoping for corporate bookings to come in first."