The Straits Times
Published on Jan 21, 2013

Six Filipinos dead in Algeria siege, four missing: Govt


MANILA (AFP) - Six Filipinos were killed in gunfire or explosions during a siege by Islamic militants on a gas plant in Algeria, and four others are missing, the Philippine government said on Monday.

"The deaths of the six Filipinos were a direct result of the hostage-taking incident in the area and mostly by gunshot wounds and the effects of the explosions," foreign affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez told reporters.

Mr Hernandez said four others were "still unaccounted for", while 16 Filipinos also caught up in the crisis were confirmed to be alive.

The Philippine government had previously said it did not know if any Filipinos had been killed during the 72-hour siege at the In Amenas gas plant, deep inside the Sahara desert, that ended on Saturday.