The Straits Times
Published on Jan 20, 2013

Artists want Singapore's longest dragon kiln to continue operation beyond 2015


The operator of Singapore's longest dragon kiln at Jalan Bahar, which was slated to move out of the premises this month, has finalised the extension of its lease for another two years, till 2015.

Focus Ceramic Services' kiln is one of the last two remaining dragon kilns in Singapore. The other is located less than 100m away at Thow Kwang Industry and its lease expires end 2014.

The news of Focus Ceramic's lease extension gave little cheer to the potters and participants at Singapore's first ceramics festival, Awaken The Dragon, held at Jalan Bahar Clay Studios from Thursday to yesterday.

Artist Todd Tok, 30, says: "The extension just means I will have two more years to practise ceramics. After which I do not think I will continue the practice anymore as I cannot find a suitable work space as cheap as this and that supports firing of ceramics."