The Straits Times
Published on Jan 19, 2013

Life returns to normal in Jakarta as flood water recedes


JAKARTA: Life has gradually returned to normal in Jakarta on Saturday, after flood waters receded and cars started to ply the roads again.

Flood water in many areas has receded, although low-lying areas like Kampung Pulo in East Jakarta and certain neighbourhoods in Pengadegan in South Jakarta remain under water - about four to five metres at the worst point.

From today, motorcycles are no longer allowed on toll-roads. Many had been using the elevated toll-roads to avoid flood waters on Friday and Thursday, during the worst days of flooding this week.

"Traffic has picked up to near normal on toll roads today. They are running at high speed now and it is too dangerous for motorcycle to be there. Toll-roads are not designed for two-wheelers," Mr Hasanudin, operations director at state toll-road operator Jasa Marga, told The Straits Times.