The Straits Times
Published on Jan 18, 2013

Prank that got The Married Men in trouble involves mention of child abuse and molest


The radio segment which led to the termination of The Married Men's contract with HotFM 91.3 involved a telephone prank on a woman who was apparently going to take up an early childhood course.

On Thursday, deejay Andre Hoeden called the woman claiming to be an officer from an embassy who was doing a background check on her.

He asked if she hit children, to which she said no. Mr Hoeden then advised her to only hit children from poor families as they would not have the money or time to come after her with lawyers, unlike "expat children" from "very rich" families who could afford lawyers.

The call, which was part of the morning show's "Kena Pluck" humour segment where people are tricked, also involved Mr Hoeden telling her that hugging children was considered molestation in some countries. He then asked if she had ever hit on any of her pupil's fathers.