The Straits Times
Published on Jan 18, 2013

All Boeing Dreamliners grounded due to fire risk


WASHINGTON (AFP) - Airlines grounded all Boeing 787 Dreamliners on Thursday until a fire risk is fixed, as the United States (US) aerospace giant reeled from the high-tech plane's deepening woes.

Authorities in Chile, Ethiopia, Europe, India, Japan and Qatar followed the lead of the US Federal Aviation Administration by halting all 787 flights after a Japanese Dreamliner was forced by a smoke alert to make an emergency landing on Wednesday.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in grounding all US-registered 787 aircraft late Wednesday, highlighted "a potential battery fire risk in the 787" after a suspected leak emerged as the focus of inquiries into an All Nippon Airways emergency landing.

Last week, the FAA announced a comprehensive review of the 787 following a series of safety incidents.