The Straits Times
Published on Jan 18, 2013

Prams on buses: SBS should be more flexible


SBS TRANSIT has a rule stating that prams on board a bus must be folded for safety reasons. This is a fair policy as the pram can obstruct passenger movement, especially on a crowded bus.

However, what happens if there is a sleeping child in the pram? Does the child have to be taken out so the pram can be folded?

Consider the inconvenience this causes a parent travelling alone with a sleeping child.

On Monday, I saw a mother with a sleeping child in a pram boarding a bus via the exit door.

The driver told her that according to "company law", she had to get off the bus, re-enter through the front door and fold up the pram.

Seeing that the bus was barely full, I asked the driver why he could not let the child sleep in the pram until they got to their destination. But he did not change his stance as I suppose he was more concerned about following the rule.

Are SBS' rules so strict that drivers are not allowed to make an exception? Wheelchairs are allowed on the bus and they are about the same size as an unfolded pram. Can the rule for wheelchairs not apply to prams?

Nathierah Kunju (Ms)