The Straits Times
Published on Jan 16, 2013

Character model's career boo-boo - he turned down role in Spice Girls video


When character model Derek Keens - better known simply as Del - was asked to star in Spice Girls' debut music video, he turned them down flat.

Over the telephone from Berlin where the Londoner is now based, Del, 42, says: "I was offered to do Spice Girls' first music video but the money was low.

"The video is still being shown everywhere. I turned that job down. It was about £50 (S$90 at current values). I said: 'No. I want more money, I'm Del.' They got someone else."

Still, over the years, Del, who is known for a toothy grin, has had his own success as one of the top models at renowned, London-based Ugly Models Agency, scoring gigs for Calvin Klein, for example.