The Straits Times
Published on Jan 16, 2013

mio Stadium a big let-down


ON SUNDAY night, I visited SingTel's mio Stadium website to watch a live stream of the Manchester United-Liverpool match, one of the biggest games of the English Premier League (EPL) season.

However, the service failed to work. The site displayed a blank screen until the half-time commercials, then blanked out again minutes after the second half started, and remained that way until the end of the match ("Mio Stadium users upset with disruptions for EPL games"; yesterday).

The site was down for the first half of the match after that (Arsenal versus Manchester City) as well.

This is the second time in this EPL season that football fans have been left frustrated over this poor service. The previous disruption was during the Man City-Man United match last month.

The mio Stadium service charges about $8 for a 12-hour pass and $154 for an annual pass. However, it has failed to justify the high charges. Offering refunds means little as fans subscribe for the excitement of watching live matches.

SingTel should stop delivering sub-par service to its Web subscribers.

There are many big matches yet to come, and I hope SingTel does something about its infrastructure, anticipates the extra traffic and boosts the bandwidth of its servers during these big games.

Mok Juang Wen