The Straits Times
Published on Jan 16, 2013

Build two-bedroom studio flats


I AM a living example of the situation Mr Shiva P. Banerjee highlighted ("Seniors need extra room for caregiver"; last Thursday).

I am a retiree and caregiver to my wife, who is vision-impaired and wheelchair-bound. We downgraded to a 45 sq m studio apartment with one bedroom and a living area, and had no problems with such an arrangement.

However, after being hospitalised twice last year, my perception has changed.

In the light of my deteriorating health and advancing age, I will definitely need a maid to help take care of my wife. Thus, we will need an extra bedroom for the maid.

Our population is ageing. Many seniors are living alone and are in need of a live-in maid.

The Government should build some studio apartments with two bedrooms, or one bedroom with a study, for this purpose.

For existing one-bedroom studio apartments, the Housing Board could add an extra room or study to them, or allow the elderly currently living in these units to apply for another studio apartment under the Multi-Generation Priority Scheme.

James Low