The Straits Times
Published on Jan 15, 2013

Chinese approach to luxury shapes Ford Lincoln overhaul


DETROIT (REUTERS) - Ford Motor Co could alter its Lincoln brand lineup to suit consumer tastes in China, where the No. 2 American automaker will launch Lincoln in 2014 in a bid to boost sales of the luxury nameplate and attract younger, more affluent buyers.

China's demand for luxury cars is expected to exceed that of the US auto market by 2020. There are many parallels in the tastes of both markets, but consumers in China favour wider headlights, more symmetrical design and a larger backseat.

"The 'face' is very important to the vehicle to the Chinese," Mr Joe Hinrichs, Ford's former head of Asian and African operations, said on Monday.

"It's very important that the face not have negativity, not have a scowl or a frown."